In response to recent developments domestically with COVID-19, many offices are encouraging employees to work from home.

Working from home helps individuals take necessary precautions to decrease risk while helping keep the business moving through this uncertain time.

We’ve compiled this list of helpful tips to help you get into the “in-office mindset” while working at home.

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  • Maintain your regular morning routine. If this means early morning runs or workouts before your coffee and commute – do that. If it feels weird to log in right after your shower, take a walk outside if needed and pretend like you’re coming in for a new day.
  • Once you log in, proceed like it’s a normal day in office. Say “hey” to your teammates on the group chat to catch up on the weekend, create your daily list of “TO-DO’s”, check your calendar or whatever you normally do in-office to begin your workday.
  • Set up a dedicated work space in your place if you don’t already have one. With this space, set the intention that it is for work only! Only hang out there when it is time to work.
  • Don’t stay in your PJs! Even if you don’t put on a full face of makeup, just changing into a comfy set of “work clothes” is better to get in a work frame of mind.
  • Schedule regular breaks to walk away from your desk. It’s recommended to take a 10 min break about every hour. Set these in your calendar to remind you! Go outside for a “snack break” or walk around a bit. Do not do house chores on your break!
  • Have an agreement with your housemates that you should be uninterrupted and treated as if you ARE at work while you are at your workspace. Communicate that it is important to respect your time and your workspace area.
  • Do something to help you “get in the zone”! For some, it’s wearing headphones, for others, it’s chewing a certain kind of gum. Some people even wear their shoes while they WFH. We all have unique things that work for us. Find “your thing” and do that!
  • Stay in your dedicated workspace/desk area. Absolutely do NOT work from your bed or couch with Netflix on in the background. Multi-tasking is not realistic at all and you will have a bad time if you create bad habits.
  • Schedule MORE meetings if you need to. Let your co-workers know if you’re available to sit in on a “co-working time” virtual meeting.
  • Don’t suffer in silence. If you are feeling lonely, unfocused or need collaboration on a project, definitely let your teammates know.
  • At the end of the day, do something to indicate that your workday is done. Turn off your laptop, go to another room, or go outside for a walk. Just create some kind of habit that indicates that it’s the end of the day. Just remember we’re all in this together!

Remember that we’re offering secure key drop and curbside drop off options for vehicle servicing you can learn about here!