Simply put, the State of Massachusetts and Homeland Security deemed us an “essential business.” We take that designation seriously.

First responders & healthcare workers need transportation to remain on the front lines, and we are grateful for them. They will be given first priority at Cape Auto. 

But they aren’t the only ones who need reliable transportation: The grocery store clerks, the janitors, the pharmacy workers, transportation professionals, bankers and all the other essential businesses and their employees need to know we’re here. If we aren’t open, what would happen if they end up stranded due to vehicle failure? Or, they encounter vehicle damage and can’t commute to work?

This is an incredibly difficult time. We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure our customers and employees are safe during this crisis, while still providing an essential service to this community. You can read our COVID-19 Service Protocols here, and our COVID-19 Collision Protocols here. These include sanitizing all touch-points on your vehicle as well as secure key-drop, curbside drop off and paying over-the-phone options to promote social distancing. Touchless repair options in play at Cape Auto. Our teams at both Service & Collision are here to help you stay mobile, and understand the responsibilities that come with being essential to the transportation needs of those we need to accommodate.

For our Collision customers, we released a new “Pic & Click” photo estimate tool that allows customers to simply take pictures with their phone of their vehicle damage to begin the estimate process (social distancing!). Our research shows that 43% of vehicles out there have some level of damage. So why leave that dented car in your driveway right now?

Know this, we are open & here for you responsibly. We know these are dangerous and difficult times, but we want to continue to provide essential service to the customers who rely on us, and new ones who need us. 

We also salute all those staying home & social distancing to help speed our recovery with an ultimate goal of a prosperous 2020. Stay safe & thank you! We will get through this together!